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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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Natural Skin Care Remedies

At Bring It Up, we appreciate the natural look and caring for the body with products that are free of harmful chemicals. Many of the drugstore and beauty counter products that are recommended for skin care end up being filled with harsh ingredients that do more damage than good. Then, after you put the first damaging product on your face, you wash it off, then put another damaging product on your face. In many cases, the damaging products are counterintuitive to what you want to repair. Fortunately, there are several natural products that work wonders.

Cleanse Oil with Oil

Oil cleansing may sound like it would never work, because we usually want less oil on our faces and bodies. But, oily skin cleans better when oil is used. Oil cleansing is best done at night with the a mix of oil that is perfect for your skin type. If you have dry skin, a 3 to 1 mix of olive oil and castor oil is ideal. Normal skin needs a balance of the two oils, but oily skin needs the opposite mix for dry skin. If you prefer to avoid castor oil, you can mix olive oil with oils like sweet almond, jojoba, or avocado.

Cleaning your skin with oil is done with a washcloth, the oil mixture, and hot water. You first put a dollop of oil in your hands and rub it together to warm it. Then rub the oil on your face or other part of the body. Massage it deeply into your pores and enjoy this luxurious self-pampering experience. Once your pores are softened, then put hot water (not scorching) on a washcloth and place the cloth over your face and relax for about 20 to 30 seconds. Then, use the washcloth to wipe away extra oil. You can put a little more oil on your face if it feels dry after the treatment.

Witch Hazel to Tone the Skin

Another useful natural product is witch hazel which acts as a toner. When you mix witch hazel with apple cider (⅓ cider to ⅔ witch hazel), you can nicely balance the pH on your skin and fight acne naturally. You should avoid getting it in your eyes and gently pat it on your face twice per day. You could use this on sensitive parts of the body or those that tend to get acne or folliculitis.

Enjoy the Bath with Natural Additives

Skin care remedies can be done in the bathtub, too. A nice natural way to relax and pamper the skin is with colloidal oatmeal. This is simply oatmeal that has been ground to a fine powder. You can add colloidal oatmeal to a bath of warm water, the oatmeal will moisturize the skin from top to bottom. Epsom salts take care of the skin and the rest of the body, too. A warm epsom salts bath will relax you, remove toxins from the body, and soften the skin. Epsom salts come without a fragrance, so you can add you own favorite essential oil, or you can buy the salts with fragrances like eucalyptus, camomile, or lavender.

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