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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wedding Dresses: Be You!

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Dressing in all white, carrying pink roses, and wearing something blue is no longer the dream of every bride. Today’s bride wants to be herself and not follow any traditionally set rules - unless that is what she wants to do. Showing personal style is not just a trend in the bridal world, but it is one of the more difficult places to be unique. Despite the fact that most wedding dresses are still white and many brides still want to carry pink roses, there are plenty of other ways to show your unique style as you traditionally walk down that aisle.

Choose the dress you want and love. The first way to be you is to wear a dress (or something else) that you absolutely love. Maybe you choose to wear a skirt or pants and a top. Brides are no longer expected to wear the traditional white dress. You might even want to wear a dress with color, like pink, gold, or mint green.

Show your style with accessories. Maybe you do want to wear a traditional white wedding dress, but you want to accessorize in your own style. Bridal salons are full of unique accessories, like colorful sashes, glorious tiaras, and sparkling earrings. You could even go outside of the traditional accessories and pick a statement bracelet or a gorgeous necklace with a statement gem. You might even want to wear a jaunty little hat or a hippy headband that shows off your eyes.

Shoes can do it. You do not have to wear pearly white shoes under your wedding dress. If you love to wear your Chucks, then wear them! If you want to go barefoot because that is your style, go barefoot. There are so many great ways to show your individuality and shoes are one of the easiest ways to do it. If you are wearing a long dress, your guests might not even get a peek at your shoes - which can be a fun way to keep your style a secret. Or, you can make your shoes a true focal point by wearing a dress that highlights them!

Hair it goes. Your hairstyle can also show your style. Even with a traditional bridal style, you can have fun and be you. Maybe you have a strand of hair that you color pink, or you include a decoration like your favorite tropical flower. Since most people will be seeing your back during the ceremony, this is where you can plan to have the most stylish fun with your hairdo. Since this is the only time you will have bridal hair, take the opportunity to have fun and show off your gorgeous locks.

Bridesmaids can have fun, too. Along with your own personal style, your bridesmaids can be themselves, too. Some brides are letting their bridesmaids pick their own dresses. If this lack of bridal-control scares you, you could let them pick a style of a dress in a certain color, or a color in a certain style. If you want them all in the same dress, maybe you let them choose their shoes or their hair styles. The personal style will only add to the fun of getting married because your bridesmaids will be comfortable, which makes them more relaxed and ready to enjoy your day!

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