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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Vintage Wedding Dress

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Vintage seems to never go out of style, which is why it is having a revival in the wedding industry. Vintage wedding dresses have a style that simply cannot be reproduced by today’s designers. The intricate lace work, the headpieces, and the accessories evoke a feeling from days long gone, but when added to a modern wedding they seem fresh and new. While some designers try to recreate the feeling of a wedding dress from the 1930s, 1950s, or 1960s, the textiles still look like they were made now. The only way to go vintage is to purchase and wear a dress that was made by a designer from the decade you love.

Before you commit to buying an actual vintage gown, there are a few important considerations. The first is the condition of the gown. Some fabrics do not weather well and can truly fall apart over time. If you are buying the gown online, you could easily be tricked by photographs. So, before you buy, you should see the gown up close and in person. If it is not possible to actually touch the dress before you buy it, ask the seller to show it to you via Skype or another face-to-face real-time communication app.

The size of the dress only matters if it is too small. A dress that is too big can easily be altered by a professional tailor. But, if a dress is too small, it can be challenging to find vintage fabric to match. You could spend more on the replacement fabric that you did on the entire dress! Because you are buying a dress from decades past, it is important to understand that it will most likely need alterations and a professional cleaning. Since you will be wearing this dress for your wedding, you want it to look its best, so the money you spend will be an investment.

When you shop for your vintage dress, you should look at what you can do with the dress, not just what the dress can do for you. If the dress has a beautiful neckline or a full tulle skirt, what accessories can you add to accentuate those details. If you are using part of the dress to add to another one, look at the little details you can take from both dresses to incorporate them into one special gown. Sometimes the silhouette of a vintage dress is so perfect that the dress does not need to be changed at all. If you find that perfect gown, you could even create a vintage feel through the wedding and reception. Keep your options open when you decide to go vintage.

Wearing vintage means you can be playful with your hair. There are plenty of beautiful hair pieces that can create the perfect look to compliment your dress. Bird cage veils are popular because they flatter most dress styles and hairstyles, too. You never know what you will find in your grandmother’s cedar chest or at your local vintage shop.

Since vintage dresses are often shorter than modern cuts, beaded shoes can be a fun way to add your personal style to your wedding. It can be difficult to find vintage shoes, but it is relatively easy to find shoes with vintage styling. Since shoe textiles have not changed much, it is easy to fool people with modern shoes that look like they are vintage.

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