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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Longer a One and Done: Wear That Bridesmaid Dress Again

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How many times have you been told that you can wear the bridesmaid dress again? How many times have you actually done that? Instead of shelving the bridesmaid dress, never to see it again, it is time to learn how to wear a bridesmaid dress again without looking like you just stepped from the dance floor at the reception.

Alterations Can Work

The first step to wearing a bridesmaid dress again is to look for the positives of the dress and what can be changed. Even though women are wearing maxi dresses, long bridesmaids dresses are often too dressy to wear to anything other than a wedding. If you want to wear a long dress again, it might be worth it to have it hemmed to a shorter length. Or, if the length is perfect, but the top is too dressy, a tailor can remove the formal aspects. After spending hundreds on a dress to wear once, it is worth it to spend a few more dollars to make the dress wearable during the day.

Accessorize to Perfection

Once you have altered the dress to fit your wearability rules and style, the next step is to look at the accessories you can pair with it. In many cases, you might not have to alter the dress at all if you can hide the unwanted aspects of the dress with a gorgeous scarf, a statement necklace, or a casual jacket or cardigan. When you use accessories to change the look of a statement dress, like a bridesmaid dress, it is important to not overdo it because you could run the risk of looking silly. You could pair a scarf or necklace with a cardigan, but not both the scarf and necklace. If you are using a statement piece, you should keep the rest of your jewelry subdued, too.

Casual Shoes Make the Outfit

Another way to get the bridesmaid dress to work outside of the wedding is to pair it with unexpected shoes. One of the best ways to “dress down” a dressy dress is to pair it with casual sneakers. Do not wear socks or hosiery and do not wear athletic shoes with your dress. You can also wear booties or casual sandals to dress down the bridesmaid dress. Do not wear pumps or dressy shoes because those shoes will immediately make the dress look like a bridesmaid dress again.

Be Yourself

Hats can make any dress look casual. Floppy sun hats, fedoras, and other casual hats can make a long dress look like it belongs at a cool outdoor concert. If you pair the hat with a long cardigan and subtle jewelry, no one will have clue that you are wearing a dress that celebrated a new marriage.

There are plenty of ways to change-up a bridesmaid dress to make it wearable on the street, at work, and while hanging out with friends. The key to being able to wear the dress is to style it your way so that you are comfortable.

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