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Monday, November 30, 2015

Hot Holiday Fashion: How to Wear Boots Winter 2015

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Boots and booties are the hottest trend in footwear right now. Long gone are the days where women had to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great pair of boots. They have become so affordable that women can have several pairs to wear with all types of outfits.

Popular Booties

One of the most popular styles of boots right now is the ankle bootie. These are short boots that stop right above the ankle. They usually have a strong heel and some details. These short boots look fantastic with jeans and leggings. In most cases, they should not be worn with socks showing out of the top. They should have a clean line between the top of the boots and the bottom of the pant legs. Some women will roll their jeans at the ankle to show off the booties. With booties, there is no need to perfectly color match them, but they should be matched based on the style of your outfit. For example, a rustic oversized sweater and jeans should be paired with booties with a distressed, rugged look. A polished work outfit should be paired with clean, professional looking booties.The only thing to be alert to is if your booties look like they belong in the marching band rather that on a fashion commercial.

Winter Boots with Knit Accents

Another popular type of boot for the holidays is the leather boot that is layered with knits. These boots often have some bulk to them. This type of boot resembles the suede boots with shearling insides, but the upper has a knit or fabric detail that gives them a rustic look. Sometimes the cuff designs can be removed and changed. These look great with leggings and a big sweater for a comfortable apres-ski look. It is important not to over-accessorize with these bulky boots, but they usually look great with a coordinating infinity scarf made from a chunky or fluffy knit.

How to Wear Thigh-high Boots

Thigh-high boots are no longer reserved for party dresses and sexy outfits. They can easily be worn with everyday skirts that stop above the knee. To tone down the boots, it is best to wear a skirt in the same color as the boots so they make a long clean line together. If you live in a colder climate, you can pair colored tights with the boots to keep your legs warm. When you pick a mini-skirt to wear with thigh-high boots, the skirt should hit below the fingertips so it not too short. It can be fun to pair the skirt with a tee with a bold statement on it and a traditional peacoat

Keep It Simple in Suede

Suede boots in a calm brown can look fantastic with leggings and a long sweater dress. If the sweater dress is long enough, tights in a complementary color can also accentuate the beautiful suede boots. Many women will add a pair of long socks or boot cuffs to peek out of the top for a little extra accessorizing.

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