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Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Wear a Statement Tee

Photo courtesy of all4women

If it seems like everywhere you turn, someone has a statement tee on, you are not alone. Statement tees have become one of the most popular tops to wear. These comfortable tops can be worn with nearly any outfit, but there are limits. It is important to consider the statement on the tee and the location you are wearing it. Once you learn how to wear a statement tee, you can bring them out of the gym and out into the world.

One of the best combinations is a cute, ironic statement with a skirt and cardigan. There are several adorable statement tees with words about popular literature, food, and love. These can be dressed up with a favorite skirt, like a pencil skirt, midi-skirt, or even a fun tulle skirt. But, since you are wearing a tee, you do not want to get too dressed up; so, you pair the skirt with a comfortable casual cardigan or wrap. The skirt and wrap should coordinate, but the tee can provide some variety. The cardi can cover some of the words and the outfit will still look cute. Many women will pair this look with a statement necklace and/or decorative earrings. You can easily wear tights with flats or booties for even more fun.

If you are in a cold climate, you can wear your favorite statement tee over a flannel shirt with your favorite jeans. To make the look unique, keep the tails of the flannel shirt poking out under the shirt. Since the statement tee will be front and center, you should be sure the statement is something you are comfortable wearing in public. It should fit with the casual look. Artfully torn jeans look fantastic with flannels, so if you have distressed jeans, this is the outfit to wear with them. You can add booties or long boots with cuffs. You could also wear this with chunky winter boots, too. A scarf can also add to the look.

Statement tee shirts can also look great with different types of jackets. If you are looking for a casual look, pair the tee with jeans and a bomber jacket. You can also wear them with cigarette pants and a fitted blazer. Women also look great when they wear them with cute leather jackets, especially with a pretty skirt for an ironic, but fun look. The statement tees that look best with jackets are the ones with single words across the chest. It is best to pick tees with simple fonts when you pair them with multiple pieces.

Another fun look is more appropriate for warmer climates. Statement tees look great with a cute pair of shorts. If you know you are going in and out of air conditioned places, it can be helpful to have a chambray shirt tied around your waist so you can throw it on quickly if you get cold. Some women will also wear a warm-weather scarf as a fun accessory. You can wear strappy sandals or your favorite canvas sneakers with an outfit like this.

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