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Friday, May 8, 2015

Do You Really Need a Bra?

According to a study from France, the answer is no. This study actually showed that over time, bras do more harm than good. The study that ended in this result was conducted over a period of 15 year and looked at women who wore and did not wear bras. The researchers found that women who did not wear bras actually had more muscle tissue to help keep breasts lifted. They also found that women who wore bras had more sag as they aged than women who did not wear them. But, the question still remains, do you need to wear a bra?

To Support or Set Free?

Even though the study suggests that women are better off not wearing one, women who have worn them for years should continue to provide support somehow. Since the breast tissue cannot support itself, bras are necessary for maintenance. But, if you do decide not to wear a bra, the products at Bring It Up can provide lift and coverage. Our patented product does what bras do while still letting muscle tissue do its work.

Easy Breathing

One of the benefits of not wearing a bra is the ability to breathe more comfortably. Some women find bras so restrictive that they are unable to take relaxing deep breaths. Women who wear Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts do not need to worry about straps and bands being too tight throughout the day. Our adhesive and design make the Breast Lifts very comfortable for women to wear all through the day. It does not matter if you are an A-cup or larger than a D-cup - the Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts work for every size!

Look for Lift

The French study in 2013 saw the same results as a study conducted in Japan in the 1990s. They both found that breasts that were continually covered by bras were more likely to develop stretch marks. The researchers also noticed that nipples on freed breasts actually lifted closer to shoulders than nipples that were covered by bras through the day.

Pros and Cons

The jury is still out on the whole bra or no-bra debate. There are plenty of perfectly good reasons to not wear a bra and to wear a bra. One of the most popular reasons to wear a bra is shaping. Bras provide sexy shapes, especially if you are wearing a bra that lifts and separates! They also provide coverage, especially in a world where nipples are taboo. Bras keep everything nicely contained, so women do not have to worry about the awkwardness of shimmying, shaking, and swaying.

The Best of Both Worlds

On the other side, not wearing a bra is incredibly liberating (maybe that is why feminists burned them decades ago). Even though bras are sexy, naked breasts are even sexier. Bras are not only restricting around the chest, but they can also create serious discomfort on the shoulders when straps dig in. If you decide to wear Breast Shapers, Instant Breast Lifts or Nipple Covers from Bring It Up, you get the best of both worlds without any of the discomfort.

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