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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Decorative Nipple Covers

Decorate Your Girls

We all know lingerie is sexy, but no lingerie is sexier. When you want to have a little fun with your significant other, our Double Talks will deliver your message loud and clear. These fun little nipple covers are not only useful for a night of fun, but they are also useful to wear in place of a bra when are wearing something backless or low-cut. They are also fun to wear under a bridal or formal gown, too.

Get Sexy Now

If you have never tried nipple covers, the Double Talk Scented-Messages Covers are a perfect choice for your first time. These covers are easy to put on and even easier to take off. They are comfortable; you will not even notice you have them on. Since they come in several fragrances, you will not only feel comfortable and covered, but you will smell great, too! The fragrances include sexy options like coconut, strawberry, and rose. They also come with adorable saying that you can show off when you are ready to reveal them to your significant other!

Have Fun with Your Loved One

You do not have to save these sexy covers for the bedroom or for under your clothing. There are several other places that you can decorate your girls with these Double Talk Covers. While you should not wear them to work or out for a fancy dinner, there are a few places that they are appropriate to wear without anything over them. If you are out on a boat, enjoying the sunshine and your loved one, the covers would give you fun tan lines. You could also wear them with a sexy Halloween costume - just be careful when you are out trick-or-treating!! You could also don them when you are hanging out by the swimming pool or on a private beach. When you go to your favorite nightclub, you can wear them with your favorite low cut neckline showing enough to provide a little peek-a-boo of tops of the hearts.

Let Your Covers do the Talking

We know that everyone loves the messages on conversation hearts, so we have paired the perfect words with the perfect colors. When you want to look a bit angelic, our white hearts say either ¨Just Married¨ or ¨99% Angel.¨ Our pink hearts say ¨Love You,¨ ¨I’m Sexy & Know It,¨ and ¨Crazy 4 U.¨ The lavender hearts say ¨Text Me,¨ ¨U Rock,¨ ¨I Need a Stiff One,¨ and ¨Party Girl.¨ We also have white hearts that are anything but angelic; they say ¨Bad Girl¨ and ¨Wet & Wasted.¨

Easy to Apply

Our nipple covers are both reusable and disposable. They are easier to apply when you do not have any lotions or oils on your body, which is fine when it comes to our fragrant covers because they already have scent included. If you clean your skin with some rubbing alcohol, they will stick better and will last all day or night. They do not have any adhesive where they cover the nipple, which adds to the comfort.

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