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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Your Shoes: Your Personality

Women have a love affair with shoes. There are plenty of reasons why shoes are the favorite accessory for women. First of all, they always fit, even on your most bloated days. Secondly, they can help women feel a certain way. Thirdly, they last a long time, so they seem more like an investment than an expense. It is true that women can show their attitudes through the shoes they choose to wear, it is also true that the shoes you pick show something about you.

Look through your shoe racks and take note of what type of shoes you have the most of. That type of shoe has become your favorite for a reason. It could be because they are extremely comfortable or possibly even because they are incredibly sexy. Here are a few of the popular styles of shoes and what they show about their owners:

Ballet Flats: These comfortable little shoes make a girl look like a girl. They also add a retro feel to many outfits, especially when they are paired with skirts or slightly cropped pants. It is difficult to make a pair of ballet flats look edgy.

Bold sneakers: You like to exercise and you are not afraid to show it. You have so many sneakers that you do not need to save them for the gym. With statement sneakers, you can even wear them with your professional clothing, which really shows that you are edgy and tough.

Birkenstocks: Your are laid back. While these comfortable sandals have been on-trend lately, the ultimate Birk-wearer knows these kicks last forever and are incredibly comfortable. You might even be the person who loves to be barefoot - all of the time.

Chic Pumps: Whether you wear them in black, red, white, or metallics, a great pump always looks sexy. There is no way to make them look frumpy - and you know it, which is why you wear these. The woman with the closet full of pumps and stilettos is sexy and she is not afraid to show it.

Slip-ons: From Toms to Vans, the slip on looks a bit tomboyish. You are a casual person and you need a shoe you can get in and out of quickly and easily. You might not be able to wear these to work, but you can wear them everywhere else!

Tiny sandals: The beach is your favorite place to be and you are confident with your feet. Women who wear sandals usually prefer to wear no shoes at all.

Rainboots: These fun shoes show that you are practical - sort of. You are prepared for the weather, but if you have more than one pair of rainboots, you like to splurge, too.

Fashion boots: If you have plenty of fashion boots in your closet, you probably live in a cold place. You like the feeling of your feet and legs being covered. Since some boots are quite sexy, you might even be the type of person who has an understated sex appeal.

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